Ethereal items, unhindered by physical form. Books for which digital PDFs are available, or services.

Better Living Through Flowcharts
A PDF of my short story about my own struggles with anxiety. Originally published in Sweaty Palms vol 1, edited by by Liz Enright  & Sage Coffey in 2016.
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Fully Automated
All-Inclusive Fully-Automated Vacation [beta] tells the tale of two ladies who are dating but also work together in the worlds first resort hotel managed entirely by an AI. The AI has some weird ideas about what's best for the guests.
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Idols Of The Cave
Three stories of a murder, each told from a different character's perspective, including that of the ghost of the murder victim. Content may include witchcraft and gay crushes. The physical version of this book has been out of print since 2018. You are buying a ghost (PDF.) Alternatively, you can also purchase it from gumroad. [gumroad id="VuSil" text="Purchase PDF on Gumroad for $5CAD" wanted="true" locale="true"]
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sacred offering
Maybe you have money you want to give, but require nothing in return. Or you want to add a tip to other things you are buying. That's very kind of you. You will likely end up in the afterlife of your choosing if you decide to buy this item.
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