I am a member of the micro-studio the Unfathomable Siblinghood. We make games. So far they are all variations on point-and-click or visual novels. I do the writing (usually in Yarn, which is a little like Twine with some extra features), the programming in Unity with C#, and when I get lucky, a bit of the art. The other member is Mary Verhoeven, who does almost all of the art, a touch of writing, and we collaborate on the story development. We work with a rotating ensemble of musicians and sound designers, who shall be credited here shortly.

The following games are in the current release of the Unfathomable Anthology:

  • Aggie vs the Forest
  • Analysis Complete
  • BBQ Postponed

Currently being developed to be added to the anthology:

  • SwampMD

Currently in development as a stand alone game:

  • Pygmalion