About the Anthology

Sweaty Palms is an autobiographical comics anthology about anxiety. The book contains more than 350 beautiful pages of black and white comics by 50 incredible indie cartoonists. We’ve collected their stories to present a very intimate and comprehensive look at what it’s like living with anxiety.

This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. As cartoonists, we can’t think of a better medium for the job! Visual storytelling gives a face to abstract things, like anxiety, which can be very difficult or painful to convey otherwise. It is our hope that readers will connect with the stories and know that they aren’t alone.

About Better Living

Better Living through Flow Charts was a way for my to express my current anxiety about my past anxiety, through one of my favourite forms of expression – infographic design. The comic was done with pen and ink-wash on actual paper. It breaks down how I dealt with dehabilitating social anxiety when I was younger. As a grown up, I’ve boomeranged in and out of severity with generalized anxiety, which has a weird side effect – during my increasing periods of regular everyday anxiety, I deal with people dismissing (or I just fear the dismissal) of my previous struggles, especially from people who are currently struggling.

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