Art Direction Portfolio

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Character Design

Rat and Giant from Renters Market.
Characters from Mycelium Divinity, short comic.
Little monster from a game.
Adversaries from Cuddlegeddon game.


Maxine and Samson the cat from House of Strays comic.


Stylized forest, end papers from a comic anthology.


Location from sci-fi horror game.
Location for a sci-fi horror game.
Location from Inheritance comic.
In game map of a camping ground.
Elderly cat ladies home from House of Strays comic.



Other Rough Concept Work

Work created as proof-of-concept for pitches or internal use.


Concept art for Never Grow Up with krakLab
Never Grow Up with krakLab – thumbnail to final art
Thumbnails for a sci-fi adventure horror game.
Thumbnails for an interactive book project.
Thumbnails for a Augmented Reality book project
Character designs and write ups for a comic book project.



Thumbnail for a comic book layout concept.


Level design and floor layout for a VR game

UI Design



Pause screen for the Unfathomable Anthology