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I am at TCAF this weekend! It’s wild when so much stress builds up for so long, and suddenly you’re in it and you’re having a great time and meeting a lot of great people. Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of set backs this past year, including a drawing-related wrist injury and about a 6 month period without a usable computer, so all of my comics projects I intended to complete for this year needed to be put on hold. But I managed to scrape together a few little products, including slapping Barty on approximately 1/12th of the merchandise his rabid fanbase demanded. I’m sorry, i cannot flood the market with Barty. I worry I might loose myself in his power, for one, but also: he is too good for this world and his essence must be shared in a sustainable way.

This site has also been down for a bit, it was hacked by MASTER CRIMINALS in March, but after a thorough culling of 13 years of miscellaneous digital debris, it’s finally back up! I’ve chosen to launch it even though I don’t yet have my entire portfolio back up yet. The main heavy lifting of trying to get the bones of the site together is mostly done – the store is here, and all nicely sorted to hook into my live action inventory system for con season, and I’ve added a section to be a proper blog, which will most likely be a partial mirror of my Patreon blog. I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and thinking and writing this year and I wanted a centralized place for everything. I worry about mental fragmentation with my personality asymmetrically chunked across sixteen different social media sites. As we transcend, this becomes more and more of a real and daily threat. I am 100% serious. I am well known in all the boroughs for my commitment to not telling lies and my down to earth sense of practical proportion. Ask anyone.