The following are writing samples of Gillian Blekkenhorst’s work!  All personal work, as my professional work is under NDA.

Essential Samples

Script for short comic, Inheritance, published in Wayward Sisters in 2018.
download pdf.

Short horror comedy Twine game, Demon, Embodify Thyself! done as a prototype for what will (hopefully) eventually be a stylized 3D game about switching perspectives. All writing and programming done by me. Includes a walkthrough if you’d like to sail through it. Play as a disembodied demon who must scare and possess campers to complete your dark ritual.
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Further Samples

Long-form character bible for a fantasy sci-fi parser adventure game.
gblekkenhorst – Character Design – Dee

Short horror Twine Game. You are a translator, working alone on an alien world populated by energy beings you can only see through recordings. Slowly learn their language and uncover their intentions.
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GPT-neo generated Twine Game. A strange poem, generated from a corpus of 6 years of teenage diary entries and illustrated with Neural Blender.
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