Game UI Databases

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Nothing like a little UI design to inspire you! Maintaining a list – I specifically started this search because I’d love to have a resource specifically for accessibility settings, and I’d love in-game settings to see the difference been OG gameplay and accessibility modes. Perhaps I will attempt to collect my own as I see them!

Interfacing Games


A TON of screenshots and animations of UI, including interviews with UI designers. Weird interface for an interface website – you need to go to the screenshot category to see interfaces broken down by features. It’s also missing some important tags – for example, there’s no tag for crafting. It would be nice if it were broken down a bit further, like differentiating pause menus from main menus. And I would have loved to see a tag for accessibility menus.

Game UI Database

As I write this, the website is down, so I can’t review it. But it’s down because it’s made such a splash on launch. I will try to update this when I can get on it.