I make games. My main passion is writing, using new tools to tell new stories in ways that can’t be shown in any other way, and building innovative narrative systems in Unity and C#. I have experience working with Twine, Yarn Spinner, Articy Draft, and Dialogue System, and Unreal. I’ve worked as a narrative designer at Peculiar Path and KRAKlab, a programmer at Shine Spark Entertainment, and a programmer and narrative designer at Pushing Vertices.

Peculiar Path
Peculiar Path
Rollergirl, Pushing Verticies
Peopoli, Shine Spark Entertainment
Never Grow Up, KRAKlab XR

I also make game art and assets, both 2D and 3D. Because most of my personal games are narrative, I’ve also developed a passion for UI. I’ve been teaching and writing courses on introductory game design coding and theory since 2015, and at a university level since 2019.
Check itch.io for an updated list of games.

Unfathomable Siblinghood

I am a member of the micro-studio the Unfathomable Siblinghood. We make games. So far...

Tiny Mystery Showcase

Showcases a tiny point and click adventure system in both 2D and 3D, for Unity.

Cuddlegeddon: Snugglepocalypse

Battle for relationship supremacy or sink into blissful codependence in Cuddlegeddon

Demon, Embodify Thyself!

Possess campers, get your body back, end the world.

the confusionary

an hypertextual poem, AI-generated from six years of diary entries.

Cold Little Bug Bot

A lonely twitter bot of harsh truths.

Renters Market

Renters Market is a point and click howcatchem adventure game about securing a lease by...