My e-mail address is


I have a patreon. I also use social media.

I am currently open to freelance or contract work in comics and game development.

In game development, my skillset includes:

  • Programming in Unity and C#.
  • 2D or 3D art asset creation, including character, environment, and UI. I can model. texture and animate in Maya but I do not rig (at least not in any way another human being should ever be subject to.)
  • Non-linear storytelling, including story blocking, narrative design and writing. I work in yarn and twine for implementation in Unity, as well as giant infinite canvas flow-charts and spreadsheets, but I would love an excuse to learn new software to this end.

In comics, I am interested in pitching for projects and anthologies, or collaborating with other artists to this end.

I am also always excited for opportunities to teach any of these subjects.