I make comics. The themes – queer horror. The other thing – weird functionalist experiments. I write, draw, lay out, and usually hand bind them. I also very occasionally collaborate on comics with others, however I am not currently available for hire in this capacity.

House of Strays

Maxine and her cats meet demons.

Friendship Edition 2 – Iron Friendship

Two teens follow news reports of a divinity devouring fungus.

Inheritance – Wayward Sisters

No one gets to decide who gets to live here.

Better Living through Flow Charts – Sweaty Palms

An infographic-inspired comic about living with anxiety.

Idols of the Cave

Idols of the Cave was a project I finished in 2016. It tells the same...

Staring Contest With A Mound of Earth

Mushrooms and light body horror.

Passionate about Proper Dishwashing Behaviour

Passionate about Proper Dishwashing Behaviour - A Tract to Shame Your Loved Ones.

How Not To Care

You're caring incorrectly and should feel ashamed, if not outright attacked.