I make comics. The themes – queer horror. The other thing – weird functionalist experiments. I write, draw, lay out, and usually hand bind them. I also very occasionally collaborate on comics with others, however I am not currently available for hire in this capacity.

House of Strays

Maxine and her cats meet demons.

How Not To Care

You're caring incorrectly and should feel ashamed, if not outright attacked.

Idols of the Cave

Idols of the Cave was a project I finished in 2016. It tells the same...

Friendship Edition 2 – Iron Friendship

Two teens follow news reports of a divinity devouring fungus.

Inheritance – Wayward Sisters

No one gets to decide who gets to live here.

Better Living through Flow Charts – Sweaty Palms

An infographic-inspired comic about living with anxiety.

Staring Contest With A Mound of Earth

Mushrooms and light body horror.

Passionate about Proper Dishwashing Behaviour

Passionate about Proper Dishwashing Behaviour - A Tract to Shame Your Loved Ones.