gblekkenhorst is a narrative artist working in comics and game design. they are available for hire in game development and freelance illustration. send them an email.

Thanks to everyone who came out to TCAF! I enjoyed talking to you call very much. Heading into the summer, I’m teaching a lot of game design courses, at OCADU, DMG and DMA, a summer camp for kids who want to become tech nerds. Plus some educational freelance illustration work I’m very excited about. In true mystic fashion I am working out of an old church. I’m trying to tame my life in such a way that I can do these things and still have time to buff up my portfolios- also known as showing off – and get back to my personal story telling – also known as showing up. In closing, don’t bother with Hawaiian pizza pockets, they are a waste of coin and disappointment in calorie intake.
June 10, 2019


September 5, 2019 - December 19, 2019


This autumn I am teaching at OCAD Continuing Studies and TAing at York University, all game design classes. It’s not a full courseload, so I am still available for freelance work, running workshops and private tutoring!