gblekkenhorst is a narrative artist working in comics and game design. they are available for hire in game development and freelance illustration. send them an email.

I am at TCAF this weekend! It’s wild when so much stress builds up for so long, and suddenly you’re in it and you’re having a great time and meeting a lot of great people. Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of set backs this past year, including a drawing-related wrist injury and about a 6 month period without a usable computer, so all of my comics projects I intended to complete for this year needed to be put on hold. But I managed to scrape together a few little products, including slapping Barty on approximately 1/12th of the merchandise his rabid fanbase demanded. I’m sorry, i cannot flood the market with Barty. I worry I might loose myself in his power, for one, but also: he is too good for this world and his essence must be shared in a sustainable way. (more…)
May 12, 2019


Game Design Studio I: Introduction to Unity

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Game Design Studio I: Introduction to Unity

This course introduces students to the art of game design and production using the popular game engine, Unity. Topics include importing and working with 2D and 3D models, setting up game objects, using basic scripts, applying materials, lighting, and sound. Demonstrations, presentations, and discussions about the fundamentals of the game experience such as rules, play, and culture, support the design process.